Fear of pumpkins and fondness for orange

January 10, 2010

This is a guest post (or guest email-post) from one of my younger sister’s friends.  An anecdotal account of one woman’s attempt to put a smile on her face after having something of a difficult week.  It is stories like this one which illustrate to me the little things I can do to ensure that I am living well.  Sometimes all it takes is an act of random interest to “color” one’s entire day.

Enjoy your reading.  Keep grinning!

“Ok, some of you know that I try to be positive and be a happy and joy spreading person all the time. Well, I do fail sometimes and I get upset or I have a bad day. Monday was one of those days for me, but a chance phone call and a man name Patrick changed it for me. I would like to share a story about the kindness of strangers.

Monday was a terrible day for me. I worked all day on numerous fronts and was not told thank you for what I had done, but rather scolded for what I had not accomplished. This hurt my feelings greatly because I had worked very hard and was doing it with a great attitude and was very pleased with what I had done.

Well, I was over at the Jenifer’s house that evening trying to find the number for a nail salon in the phonebook, when I got an idea. I decided that I would try to make someone smile by calling random numbers and asking people what their favorite color was.

So, Jenifer and I began our quest. It was rather late and we didn’t want to go for too long because that would be rude and it was really just to see how it went.

I called the first randomly selected number and a young lady answered.


“Hi! What’s your favorite color?”

“I’m sorry, who is this?”

“You don’t know me, I just want to know what your favorite color is.”

“Oh, green.”

“Thank you! Have a wonderful 4th of January!”


I’m sure the girl was a little weirded out, but I heard her laugh and I’m sure she was smiling. Plus, she was probably going to go tell her family and then they would all laugh and smile as well.

Next, Jenifer called someone.

This time the favorite color was red.

We called a few more people and some we got machines and others we got colors.

Then, we decided that I was going to call the final number. His name was Patrick.

I dialed the number and was not prepared for what happened next.

A kind raspy 50ish year old male voice answered.


“Hi what’s your favorite color?”


“Ok, thank you!”

I was just about to hangup when…….

“Whoa whoa whoa.”


“What’s your favorite color?”

“What’s my favorite color?”

“Yes, it’s only fair.”


“Orange? Why on earth is your favorite color orange?”

“Because I have a fear of pumpkins.”

“Then that should be your least favorite color. You are crazy girl. What am I gonna do with you?”

I just started laughing.

He kept asking me all sorts of questions and made me laugh so much. We talked about favorite foods, why i am studying sign language, his son James, and so much more. I talked with Patrick for 20 minutes and had one of the greatest conversations of my life. He made me smile and laugh and forget that my day had been crappy. He said that I brightened his day and that he was glad I called. I said I was glad I called too and that he had made my day so much better.

He said that I am free to call him anytime again to talk and make each other’s days better.

I think that I was supposed to call Patrick that night. He was the exact person I needed to talk to and I didn’t even know him. His address was in the phonebook and I decided that I would send him a thank you note.

I mailed it yesterday and I will never know if he got it.

That conversation I had with Patrick was a totally random event. He was a total stranger that took time out of his day to make me feel better. He may not have known that he was cheering me up, but he did it anyway and talked to me like I was an old friend. There are good people in the world. I called the right number and the right man answered. I wish I could see his smile when he gets the thank you card. That would make my day.”


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